5 Best Ways to Hide Cellulite

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If you mention the word cellulite, I guarantee that there are going to be a ton of women who will shriek with horror. This skin condition that causes dimpled looking skin to various parts of the body is the bane of disgust for millions of women across the globe. Even though there are a lot […]

Is Coconut Oil Good for Cellulite?

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When the name coconut oil is mentioned, many eyes light up, as this is this is one of those super foods that has been proven to have amazing properties that are extremely healthy and good for the body. When the word cellulite is mentioned, whoever hears it immediately gets upset, not happy and some might […]

5 Best Ways to Hide Cellulite When Wearing in Swimsuit

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Are you going to the beach or the pool and have that totally awesome bikini, but the only thing stopping you from wearing it is that dreaded cellulite? Conscious of what people might say? Do you not feel confident enough to show your dimples? Well it is a good thing that you ended up on […]

Does Beer Cause Cellulite?

Glass of Beer

It’s Friday night and the weekend is here. It is the perfect time for a night out on the town! Some of you may want to celebrate with a nice glass of alcohol and there are just so many options available. Some of you may opt for a nice bottle of beer; a good choice […]

Does Smoking Cause Cellulite?

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There are many different things that cause cellulite. It ranges from everything from food, genetics and even alcohol. For those of you who smoke and worried about cellulite, then you should take some time and read the correlation between lighting up a cigarette and this skin condition. If you a smoker, you are not going […]