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Does Beer Cause Cellulite?

It’s Friday night and the weekend is here. It is the perfect time for a night out on the town! Some of you may want to celebrate with a nice glass of alcohol and there are just so many options available. Some of you may opt for a nice bottle of beer; a good choice […]

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Does Smoking Cause Cellulite?

There are many different things that cause cellulite. It ranges from everything from food, genetics and even alcohol. For those of you who smoke and worried about cellulite, then you should take some time and read the correlation between lighting up a cigarette and this skin condition. If you a smoker, you are not going […]

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Do Carbonated Drinks Cause Cellulite?

A nice soda pop or fizzly water is a great drink to have, as it is refreshing and for many people (like myself J) very addictive. There is just something about carbonated drinks that makes them enjoyable to drink, especially when you eat it with the right foods…..yum In writing this blog, I have definitely […]

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Does Birth Control Cause Cellulite?

Are you on birth control? Do you have cellulite or did it appear right after you started taking it? Do you think the two are connected? Well there is some truth to the fact that birth control causes cellulite. If you look at the basics of the birth control pill, you will see that they […]

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Does Chocolate Cause Cellulite?

The chocolate up above surely looks decadent doesn’t it? Yea I can almost taste the silky smooth awesome deliciousness of the chocolate melting on my tongue……………. but let us not get carried away here. You are here because you want to find out if chocolate causes cellulite! I can easily answer yes and no as […]

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