5 Best Ways to Hide Cellulite

Image Credit: waltstoneburnersarchiCC License
Image Credit: waltstoneburnersarchiCC License

If you mention the word cellulite, I guarantee that there are going to be a ton of women who will shriek with horror. This skin condition that causes dimpled looking skin to various parts of the body is the bane of disgust for millions of women across the globe. Even though there are a lot of different cellulite treatments out there, many are extremely expensive, while others just simply do not work. As a result, you’ll find that a lot of people are looking for options that work in covering up their dimpled skin.

If you are one of those women who are looking for a cellulite solution, well you are in luck. Below, I will highlight five of the best options available for hiding cellulite. While these aren’t permanent fixes, they are very easy to do and inexpensive and for something that is temporary, the results are going to be pretty amazing.


If you want a cheap option to making your cellulite disappear, then you can always opt for using makeup. What the makeup will do is conceal the dimply skin and if done properly, it will almost look as if nothing there. You can do it professionally, but if you are skilled enough and know what makeup will work with your skin type, then you can also do it yourself.


Tanning is another good option to consider, simply because darker skin tends to hide imperfections when compared to lighter skin. Even though you can buy the do it yourself tan/bronzer, for best results, it is a good idea to go with the spray tan. There is more control and ability to cover the cellulite and when done properly, you will have to look very hard to see the imperfections in the skin.

Cellulite Creams

There is a million dollar industry related to cellulite creams. Why are they so popular? Well the answer is that a lot of women are looking for quick fixes to help reduce the look of their dimpled skin. So are these creams effective? Well to start off, these are magic formulas that will have your cellulite disappear into thin air. What they do is give a temporary fix as when applied; they cause the skin to tighten, making the dimples not look as pronounced as they once were. Are

How effective are they? I can’t say definitively yes or no that they work, as there are some who say these creams work and others say they don’t do anything for them. The good thing is that they are not expensive and can be a quick fix if you are just looking for something to hide your flaws.

Body Wraps

Body wraps have been around for centuries and if you look at the ancient Egyptians, you will see that they used herb-infused compresses to treat and detoxify their skin. So how does this help battle cellulite? Well when done properly and consistently, the body wrap can be used to reduce the general look of dimply skin, but you need to remember that it is not a permanent fix.  While there are some people who claim the wraps will be able to melt away cellulite, you need to look at that with a grain of salt.

Trick the Eyes

If you are wearing shorts or a swimsuit and you have cellulite that you want hidden, you could also use a little tactic that will shift focus away from the dimples and have the eyes fixated somewhere else. While eye-tricks is not essentially hiding, if pulled off properly no one will really notice. The main way to pull this off is by wearing something bright, colorful and eye-catching. What this does is stop people from focusing on your affected areas and drawn to the bright colors. This is useful when worn with shorts or swimsuits.

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