Anti-Cellulite Cream

  • Overview

    • Streamlines, reduces sponginess and cellulite
    • Lightens the legs, thighs and hips
    • Firms and reshapes
    • Visibly enhances the beauty of the skin
    • Reduce the look of cellulite
    • Results seen in less than 2 months

    What is the Anti-Cellulite Cream?

    Most women have cellulite and they are always looking for ways to reduce the look if it. One such product that is one the market to combat the condition is the anti cellulite cream. These products work by the individual rubbing it into the affected regions and massaging the cream into the skin. If repeated continuously it should slim and tone the skin and in turn lessen the appearance of cellulite on the body. Most cellulite creams claim that they penetrate the skin break down fat deposits below the epidermal and dermal layers of the skin that is responsible for cellulite. They also are able to stimulate circulation and release excess fluid and free fluid that has accumulated, this will make the skin not look as spongy.

    Many cellulite creams contain Aminophylline, which is a prescription bronchodilator, that is used to open lung passageways in asthma patients.
    Another ingredient in most cellulite creams is caffeine. The reason most creams have caffeine is because of the close relationship it has with aminophylline.
    Aminophylline is a modified form of theophylline, and both are bronchodilators (caffeine contains theophylline
    Other cellulite creams have gone about trying to improve skin texture on the thigh by using ingredients like retinol or AHAs (Theoretically, these come the closest to having the potential for improving the appearance of cellulite. If cellulite is a problem with the structure of skin, applying ingredients that help improve skin structure should make a difference.

    There is a recurring delusion that the cellulite creams are the cure all for cellulite. This should be taken with a grain of salt, as research has proven that Aminophylline and caffeine, two main ingredients of cellulite creams, do nothing to reduce the look of the condition.  The cream is known to reduce the look, but it is not a cure. Combined with exercise, a good diet and other factors, the cream definitely can aide in the reduction of cellulite in the body.

    Cellulite Cream Results

    Many women have used various types of cellulite creams that exist.  Some have had tremendous results, while others have not seen a reduction in cellulite. The one thing they can all agree on that it is a cheap solution to their dreaded skin condition. The cellulite creams are usually under $30 and this is a small price to play for a product that makes the claim to get rid of cellulite

    The product goes on easily and smells really good. I’ve been applying it according to the instructions and I feel that the area appears to be more toned.
    Positive: Many women reported that they have seen an improvement in the cellulite on their thighs, butt and legs in under a month. Some women love the ease of application and the delightful smell, depending on the product.

    Recommended Usage of Anti-Cellulite Cream

    To get the best results of the anti-cellulite cream you should apply after taking a shower. Your skin is usually moist and clean during this time. Once you have dried your skin, take some of the cellulite cream and apply it to the regions of the body that is affected by cellulite. It should be massaged into the areas in a circular motion until the cream is fully absorbed into the skin. This should be repeated daily or every other day for 2 months to get the most out of the cellulite cream.

    Cellulite Cream Ingredients

    As mentioned above all cellulite creams essentially contain the same type of ingredients. Many companies will throw in their own special type of ingredients that claim they will aide in the reduction of cellulite.
    The two main ingredients are amino….. and caffeine…..
    Aside from those two items, cellulite creams may also contain things such as algae, which is known to have healing properties and is used in many other types of cellulite treatments. Some have gingko which is known to increase circulation. Ever thought chocolate could be an cellulite fighter? Some creams use chocolate because it is known to stimulate and release beta endorphins that should speed up your metabolism.
    On the more clinical side, you have a compound called Par-Elastyl, that makes the claim that it is able to prevent collagen breakdown. This in turn will restore firmness to the skins surface. Another compound in the creams is forskolin, which many people are calling the new caffeine. Forskolin is a new peptide that is responsible for the increase in collagen production. This means all the small indentations on your skin would be filled in.  Peptides are also used to plump the skin through an increase in collagen production, this means less cellulite, firmer skin.

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