Anti-Cellulite Lotion


  • Reduce the look of cellulite with this cream
  • Results seen in 8 weeks of use
  • Contains retinol, seaweed and caffeine to give skin increased firmness
  • One 5-ounce bottle of dermatologist tested, daily anti-cellulite treatment
  • Patented daily retinol treatment clinically proven to reduce the appearance of cellulite within eight weeks; leaves skin noticeably smoother and less dimpled
  • Retinol, the purest form of Vitamin A, combines with caffeine and seaweed to work deep within the skin’s surface to improve skin elasticity and firmness while reducing the bumpy appearance
  • Users in a clinical trial experienced a 50% percent reduction in the dimpled appearance of their skin in just 12 weeks, when applying twice daily; oil-free cream-gel absorbs quickly with no greasy after feel; fresh, clean scent
  • Made in France

What is the Anti-Cellulite Lotion?

The cellulite lotion is a topical solution that is usually rubbed or applied to the regions of a woman’s body that have been affected by cellulite.  This will temporarily give the illusion of your skin having a smoother, less dimpled appearance as it firms and fortifies the tissues and enhances the skin. If you stop using the cream, the bumpy, unsightly cellulite will return. As an outcome, this. One who uses this lotion regularly gets relief and smooth skin which directs to reduced orange like peel look.
The ingredients of the cellulite lotion help to improve the circulation of blood and assists in the removal and cleansing the cellulite. They also help to repair damaged tissues that are often destroyed by trapped fat. The cellulite lotions often times contain aminophylline, retinoids, Alpha hydrocy Acids, and caffeine. The more natural or herbal anti-cellulite lotion usually contain Citric, Tartaric and Phytic acids derived from fruits and plants are active ingredients.
There are many misconceptions that anti-cellulite lotions are a miracle cream and it actually gets rid of cellulite. The lotion is more cosmetic and not regarded as a medical treatment for cellulite. How the lotion works is by creating a smoother texture by plumping up the skin. This effect is temporary and requires constant application of cellulite creams and lotions. This is usually done by using a wide variety of ingredients that are contained in the lotions. If you need to reduce your appearance of cellulite for a special event and not interested in the long term goals, then the cellulite lotion is the best option as the are very quick to use and very affordable.
Anti-cellulite lotions are a very inexpensive choice when it comes to the fight against the skin condition.  There much more expensive cellulite treatments and these are often times 1/10th the price. To get the best results from your cellulite lotions, it is usually recommended to apply the cream at nighttime as this is when your skin is most permeable. It is also good to apply it every day till you get the desired results.

Cellulite Lotion Results

Recommended Use of Anti-Cellulite Lotions

Too get the most out of your anti cellulite lotions; you can follow a few simple steps. The first step is to take a shower; this will ensure that your skin is soft, moist, clean and subtle. Secondly you need to dry your skin thoroughly, as if the skin is too moist, the skin won’t be concentrated enough.  Take an ample amount of the cellulite lotion and rub it into your skin. This can be done by using circular massaging techniques. This should be done until the lotion has been absorbed fully by the skin. This process should be done everyday for up to 8 weeks, if you want to see a reduction in cellulite.

Cellulite Lotion Ingredients

Included below is a list of active ingredients usually found anti-cellulite lotions. Each ingredient brings a different beneficial aspect as it relates to cellulite lotions. Each one works in tandem to ensure that the products reduce the look of cellulite on a woman’s body.
Aminophylline – Most cellulite creams contain the ingredient aminophylline. It is best known for its  use in the medical treatment of asthma. It is often used to relax the lungs of asthma sufferers. There are people who claim that aminophylline if used properly can turn fat cells into fatty acids. This because aminophylline is bronchodilator and the chemical reaction that occurs allows fat to be transformed.  Aminophylline stimulates blood circulation and flow that occurs in the fatty tissue area of the body. This means that the body can naturally flush and burn fatty deposits.
Aminophylline is also derived from an ingredient called theophyllinem. Theophyllinem is used primarily to relax specific muscles in the body.
There have been studies that have been conducted that show that recent studies indicate that Aminophyllinedoes not enter the bloodstream. As a result it is not possible for it to break down fat cells.
Cellulite lotions that aminophylline should usually be kept away from heat and used quickly. The ingredient aminophylline reacts with heat sources. It is often time best to keep away these products away from heat.
Retinoids – Quite a few cellulite lotions contain an ingredient called retinoids. Retinoids are vitamin A derivatives and are often found in wrinkle cream treatments. The retinoid works by smoothing out wrinkles and rough skin by generating a thicker epidermis and also making your circulation better. This can be applied to cellulite reduction as it attacks all the things that are partly responsible for the condition.
Many anti-cellulite lotions that contain retinoids are often used at night, as exposure to sunlight or other light sources will destroy the Retinol contained in the lotion.
Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) – Most cellulite lotions have AHA’s. This is because the benefit that AHA’s provide. They can be used as exfoliators and this can help in removing layers of dead skin cells. This will eventually thin outer layer of the skin, which will somewhat help with the reduction of cellulite. Glycolic and Lactic acid and are found in plants and certain foods like, apples, citrus fruits, tomatoes, grapes, apricots and sour milk.
Caffeine – Caffeine is a major ingredient that is found in many cellulite lotions.
Seaweed Extract – This is known for its skin-firming properties. It is included in many cellulite lotions because of its ability to have the skin looking noticeably firmer and smoother.

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