Can You Use Cellulite Creams When Pregnant?

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You probably ended up on this page, simply because you wanted to find out if it is safe to use cellulite creams while pregnant.

Well the first thing to start out with is that it is not a good idea to even consider using cellulite creams if you are pregnant. The reason for this is that the majority of creams that are available on the market contain caffeine. Caffeine is used because it has been proven to tighten the skin, which in turn makes it look smoother and less dimply.

While this is a great for aesthetic purposes if you are pregnant, it can cause more damage than good.

According, “Caffeine crosses the placenta to your baby”. You as an adult can handle this, but your baby is still developing and that can have a big effect of on him/her. You need to keep in mind that caffeine is a stimulant and will not only keep both you and the baby up, but it also increases blood pressure and heart rate (all not good when pregnant).

Aside from those effects above, there are also other serious negative effects on pregnant women might experience such as:

  • Birth Defects  – Various studies have shown birth defects occurring when taking caffeine while pregnant.
  • Miscarriages – There are studies that have been done that have shown a direct link between caffeine and miscarriages.

With all the potential harm you can cause to you and your unborn child, it is pretty clear that is not a good idea to use these creams at all.

So Just to Be Sure All Creams are Bad?

Well women who are pregnant can still consume products that contain small amounts of caffeine 150 mg – 300 mg a day. The big issue with many of these creams is that you honestly don’t know how much is getting into your bloodstream and affecting your baby. This is what you SHOULD AVOID it at all costs. If you are still adamant, consult with your doctor, but I can be sure that they are going to tell you the same no.

What to Do?

I know that during pregnancy there is going to be weight-gain and this can make the look of cellulite even more pronounced. If you want treatment options, then you can try:

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