Does Chocolate Cause Cellulite?

Mounds of Chocolate Pieces
Image Credit: peterpearson w/CC License

The chocolate up above surely looks decadent doesn’t it? Yea I can almost taste the silky smooth awesome deliciousness of the chocolate melting on my tongue……………. but let us not get carried away here. You are here because you want to find out if chocolate causes cellulite!

I can easily answer yes and no as when it comes to the combination of chocolate and cellulite. It really depends on so many different factors.

  • If you eat a fairly healthy diet and you indulge in chocolate every now and then, then the impact of chocolate causing cellulite is very minimal.
  • If you are a chocoholic and need to get your chocolate fix multiple times for the week for daily, then you need to take a look at what I have to say below.

It’s the Sugar and Other Bad Stuff!

That nice Hershey bar, Twix, Snickers, 3 Musketeers etc are all loaded with sugar, oils and other junk. It is a conglomeration of all that you should not have if you are looking to beat cellulite. The reason why it is a no-no; aside from being super unhealthy, is the fact that they are chock full of calories and eating too much will cause an increase in your weight.

The more weight you gain, is the more cellulite shows on the body. Those little dimples you see on your legs or butt are tiny fat cells that essentially cause disfiguration of the skin. The sugar in chocolate is a big culprit with weight gain and hence its correlation to cellulite. There are also trans and saturated fats which are toxins to the body and these are found in most chocolate bars. So those nice little chocolate bars are such a big enemy in the fight against cellulite.

So Is Eating Chocolate That Bad?

The bottom line is that really depends on how much chocolate you are eating. The occasional bar is not bad, but if you are eating one every day, then you definitely have a problem.

If you want to get rid of cellulite, then you are going to have to reduce the amount of weight that you are carrying and get your body in-shape and toned. This means cutting out sugars, eating a healthy diet and working out. As you can see, chocolate doesn’t really fit into the equation. But, it really goes back to moderation and control.

I Got to Have My Chocolate Fix, What Do I Do?

It is understandable if you having a chocolate craving had you need to have your fix (fellow sweet-tooth here). If you do have to munch on that sweet goodness, try going for a healthier option. Milk chocolates are full of sugar and vegetable oil and all of this is just bad if you are trying to beat or reduce the look of your cellulite. You should go with dark chocolate if you want your fix. Yes it does not taste all that good, but it is an acquired taste and your butt, thighs and legs will thank you for it.

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