Introducing The Skechers Shape Ups

shapeupsI am pretty sure you have seen a great deal of advertising for these unusual looking shoes.  They are all over the television and in store windows. So what exactly are these funny looking shoes? They are the Skechers Shape Ups. The Skechers Shape Ups make numerous claims to improve your overall health. I will leave it up to you, the consumer to decide whether they live up to the hype. I will simply introduce you to these interesting shoes and the proposed benefits.

Skechers claims that their Shape Up shoes will promote weight loss, tone muscles, improve posture without having to set foot in a gym.  This is achieved by its unique design. The shoe’s most significant feature is its sculpted and very rounded sole. This sole places the feet on a slightly unbalanced surface which forces various muscles, even ones which are hardly used, to constantly work to keep you balanced. It is a great idea on paper as it should give your body a good workout if used for extended periods of time.  These shoes were also designed for comfort with what Skechers calls its Kinetic Wedge soft-foam midsole. This is apparently very spongy and lends to great shock absorption.  The Shape Up concept has been introduced into various shoe designs and Skechers even have Shape Up shoes that are fitting for the office. This gives you the opportunity keep at it for hours.

The various claims made by Skechers seem feasible. It is not hard to see how these shoes could aid posture, strengthen back, firm claves and buttocks, tone thighs and reduce cellulite. It is highly unlikely that these shoes are some kind of miracle solution to weight loss and cellulite reduction. It still boils down to good health and exercise. They however, could be very helpful and increase your enthusiasm about physical health.

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