Ionithermie Cellulite Reduction

Cellulite afflicts millions of women and it is a condition that people are continuously searching for treatments.

What is Ionithermie Detox  Cellulite Reduction ?

Ionithermie Detox  Cellulite Reduction is a treatment developed by Olivier Fouche as a way to combat the effects of cellulite. The surgeon developed this technique during the late 1970’s. Over the past two decades the Ionithermie Detox Cellulite Reduction Treatment has made an impact in countless spas and salons in Europe. The impact of the cellulite reduction treatment is also seen on popular cruise ships, who offer the treatment to countless guests over the years. immediate results.

How does Ionithermie work?

For Ionithermie to work effectively there is a five step process, which involves a variety of products to ensure the best results of the procedure. The five step process includes the use of sea plants such as algae, kelp and ivy. Galvanic stimulation, Fradic stimulation, micronized algae.

  • The first step is identifying the problem areas that require treatment and then applying the mixture of sea plants. Plants such as  Algae, Kelp, Ivy and Guarana are all applied to the affected area of the body. These sea plants are specifically used in the Ionithermie process ass they posses minerals that are conducive for the procedure to work. These minerals also affect the cells of the body under the skin, as it allows the cells to renew and rehydrate.
  • The second step once the sea plant mixture is applied is to wrap the affected areas with a layer of cloth or fabric. Once this is done a special mixture of clay infused with algae is applied over the fabric. The Ionithermie aroma clay will act as a conductor for the next process. It also will generate a small amount of heat, which in turn makes it relaxing for the patient. The infused clay consists of micronized algae which as stated above, contains minerals that affect cellular activity in the body.
  • The third step involves the use of electric stimuli to infuse the body and the cells with the mixture applied in the previous steps. The first electric stimulation is Galvanic stimulation. This kind of procedure uses negative and positive ions to infuse the mixture deep into the lower tissues of the body. The ingredients….
  • The fourth step is another form of stimuli, this one is Faradic stimulation. Faradic stimulation involves.

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