Is Coconut Oil Good for Cellulite?

Image Credit: hervalsarchiCC License
Image Credit: hervalsarchiCC License

When the name coconut oil is mentioned, many eyes light up, as this is this is one of those super foods that has been proven to have amazing properties that are extremely healthy and good for the body.

When the word cellulite is mentioned, whoever hears it immediately gets upset, not happy and some might burst into tears. Women hate that word and everything that comes with it. Cellulite is a skin condition that causes dimply skin on certain parts of the body and millions of women across the globe are afflicted by this.

So how does this all tie in with cellulite? If you continue reading, I will highlight how the two are tied together and the benefit it has in treating/reducing the look of this disgusting skin condition.

So Is It the Magic Cure for Dimpled Skin?

The oil from coconuts is really great health wise and it is absolutely amazing for the skin. You will find this as a common ingredient in many of the moisturizers and lotions available and that is no coincidence. Why it is so good, is that it is good and combating dry, itchy and flaky skin, as well as helping to strengthen the underlying tissue. It makes for a great natural moisturizer and your skin will benefit tremendously from it.

So how good is it at treating cellulite? Well there have been people who have used it and they have stated that it reduces the look of the dimples on their skin to varying degrees. It works in multiple ways, depending on how it is used. The most typical method that coconut oil is used for treating cellulite is through massage. Massaging it into the skin will allow it to be absorbed and this is where it works by breaking up fatty deposits that cause the dimpling. This oil is easily absorbed by the skin and it will have a big impact on the underlying layers. What will possibly happen is that the area will receive a lot of nourishment and the end result is softer and smoother skin.

It should be noted that this oil is not the magic cure for your cellulite. There is no guarantee that your dimples are going to magically disappear, but it is still something you can try and see if the results are favorable. You may be able to reduce the overall look, but you will not be able to totally get rid of it.

How to Use It in Your Massage

Like the Coffee scrub massage that I so highly recommended, the coconut oil option can do wonders and you should give it a try if you want to reduce the look of those unsightly dimples on your skin.

The process is very simple and inexpensive and you can be up and running with just some easy to get products.

What you will Need

  • A dry brush
  • Coconut oil

The Process

  1. Take a shower – It is a good idea for you to take a warm shower before you start your massage. This will allow for your pores to open up and make it easier for the skin to absorb the oil.
  2. Apply coconut oil to dry brush – This is the fun part, as you are now going to “Get your massage on”, but first take your dry brush and apply a considerable amount of oil to it.
  3. Scrub Away – You are going to now scrub and massage the affected area. You need to this for about 10-15 minutes, making sure you do it vigorously, so that you reach down to the deep tissue.
  4. Do it daily – This massage can be done daily and you should see a reduction in the dimpled look of the skin.

Remember that this is not a guarantee that it will work, but it is just a home remedy you can try to reduce the look of cellulite on the body.

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