Anti-Cellulite Pantyhose

The anti-cellulite pantyhose is a product that acts as a regular pantyhose, except that it is made specifically to reduce the look of cellulite. It is a stylish and fashionable hosiery that claims that it has reduced the look of cellulite for almost 80% of women who tried it. This is accomplished by the garment containing specific chemicals, that when absorbed into the skin, will help improve circulation and increase the efficiency of the lymphatic system. This will ensure that the cellulite pantyhose will reduce cellulite while it smoothes and refines the appearance of your legs. It also creates smooth silhouette tones and firms the skin. Many cellulite pantyhose are sheer and silky soft cosmetic tights, which are worn on a daily basis. The pantyhose uses a combined action of the special micro-massaging yarns and the special ingredients such Soybean oil, rutin, paraguay extract, tea, horse chestnut, butcher’s broom, gotu kola, coleus farskholii and grape seed extract. The effects of the anti- cellulite pantyhose should remain effective after 5 thorough washes. The cellulite pantyhose contain different chemicals along with the special ingredients. The chemicals will react with the skin because of things such as skin pH, normal skin moisture and normal skin heat. The skin heat is usually generated from your body heat and the heat of friction of the garment rubbing against the skin. The chemicals contained in the pantyhose will be released and this is theophylline.

Cellulite Pantyhoses are available in different sizes and colors.

Reccomended Use of Anti-Cellulite Pantyhose

Wear the anti cellulite pantyhose under your clothes during the day at home or work. The hosiery is very comfortable and virtually invisible under your clothes. The pantyhose is efficient and discreet in reshaping your thigh and buttocks. It will also simulate the body by providing a continuous massage effect which will improve circulation. Exercising in the anti cellulite pantyhose will help increase the performance of your body to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

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  1. Anti cellulite pantyhose is best, what has been invented.
    I have been using them for two years now. Beleive it or not my thighs look very good now and a bonus is your bum looks very good in tight clothes.

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