Cellulite Eraser

What is the Cellulite Eraser?

Do you have cellulite? Are you ashamed of wearing revealing clothes such as shorts or even a swimsuit because of this condition? There is a new product that will reduce cellulite temporarily, so you can ……..Instant Cellulite Eraser is a product that is created by Body Innoventions. The product states that will provide a smoother, tighter, more flawless contour that begins in seconds, is maximized in minutes, and lasts for hours. Make no mistake about it, Body Innoventions Instant Cellulite Eraser is the most revolutionary cellulite treatment ever developed.

Instant Cellulite Eraser  is brand new emulsion gel that has dual action properties. When applied to regions that are usually affected by cellulite such as thighs, butt and stomach the gel will smooth out the look of cellulite by constricting the skin surrounding puffy  protruding fatty tissue while  at the same time  softening the rigid connective tissue responsible for cellulite’s quilt-like appearance. The result… a smoother, tighter, more flawless contour that begins in seconds, is maximized in minutes, and lasts for hours.

The eraser is not a cure for cellulite as the effects are temporary. The results can last up to five hours for each application of the gel. It is a quick fix that will allow you to go the beach, gym or even allow you to wear revealing fashions
The eraser does not claim to melt fat, shrink your thighs, or aid in pinpoint fat reduction However, ICE will work in minutes� significantly reducing the visible lumps and bumps of figure-destroying cellulite. The Cellulite Eraser is a very good quick fix, but should not be confused as a long term solution for the reduction of cellulite.

Recommended Use of the Instant Cellulite Eraser:

To get the most out of the Instant Cellulite Eraser it is best to squeeze a small amount into the palm of your hand. This is best done after you take a shower as your skin should be moist, soft and subtle. You should then massage the cream into the skin, especially paying attention to the areas that are affected by cellulite. This should be done until the cream has been absorbed by the skin. You should not apply the cellulite eraser more than 3 times a day.

The Development of the Cellulite Eraser

The cellulite eraser was developed by Body Innoventions after a study was published in 1998. The study appeared in the June issue of the medical journal “Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery” The article was called An Exploratory Investigation of the Morphology and Biochemistry of Cellulite. This study was important as it was the first to examine anatomical structure of cellulite as well as its physiologic function . The other reason the study debunked a lot of the various myths that existed about cellulite and what causes it. One of the myths was the fact that cellulite was formed due to poor circulation; however it was found that cellulite fat is no different that regular fat in the body and the only way to reduce it is through diet and exercise.

They were able to understand the structure off cellulite as they did a series of ultrasound examinations on women. They were able to conclude that had a generalized pattern of irregular and discontinuous connective tissue immediately below the skin, this same layer of connective tissue was generally smooth and continuous in men. Moreover, structural differences in the connective tissue just below the skin predispose women to develop a pronounced, irregular pattern of fatty tissue the visible quilt-like effect which characterizes the condition of cellulite. In other words, cellulite occurs when swollen fat cells cause dimpling at the point where the underlying support structure of the skin (the connective matrix) is weakened.
By proving that neither poor circulation, differences in fat tissue, nor an accumulation of toxins in the thigh was the cause of cellulite; the study confirmed that the only way to permanently reduce cellulite is through
Body Innoventions  took this study and created their cellulite eraser. This product would work on all the things that were discussed in the study. It would simultaneously constricts the fatty protrusions while elasticising the surrounding connective tissue. All of these could be done with a simple application of the cream. This would then cause a reduction in the dimpled, quilt like appearance that is known as cellulite. It would be able to last up to 5 hours, giving women something to temporarily fix their skin condition.

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  1. Thanks for the information, a few advices to prevent cellulite:

    1. Drink well
    Drink three liters of water per day to flush out any excess sodium that causes fluid retention. If you get bored of water, try herbal teas or a fruit juice. Sticking to this regime can make your skin look better in few days…
    2. Exercise
    Weight gain can worsen the appearance of cellulite. If you combine a cardiovascular exercise programme with resistance training, you could dramatically reduce the appearance of cellulite. This will take longer than seven days… but the reduction in will be amazing…
    3. Deal with stress
    Stress causes hormonal changes that can affect the skin. It is so important to get relaxation into your day; try yoga, cycling or walking, and get 8 hours sleep per night.
    4. Smoking
    Smoking can worsen cellulite. This can have a detrimental effect on the elasticity of your skin, thereby worsening cellulite… and bringing on premature wrinkles!
    5. Massage
    Massage has a host of benefits. It can help reduce stress, increase circulation and lymphatic drainage.

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