Does Drinking Alcohol Cause Cellulite?

Drinking Alcohol & Cellulite
(Credit: Samsmith w/CC License)

It is well known that that there are certain foods that cause cellulite. Another big culprit in the war on cellulite is alcohol.

If you are looking to prevent or get rid of cellulite, then you really need to watch your alcohol consumption. As simple as it looks, alcohol actually poisons the body. It is a toxin that has been shown to slow down circulation, dehydrates the body, increase blood fat levels and is restrictive to toxin removal. If too much alcohol is consumed, then certain fat burners like zinc, calcium and Vitamin C can be all reduced in the body.

All of those effects of alcohol that we mentioned above can cause cellulite. The buildup of toxins in the body is not good and the less you have in your body is the lower the chance for the development of cellulite. The toxins that are generated by alcohol end up getting embedded in the fatty tissue; this is where cellulite usually develops.

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