Losing Weight Can Actually Make Cellulite Worse

weight-loss-celluliteThe mention of the word cellulite will cause some women to have a disgusted reaction to its utterance. Cellulite is a skin condition that will give the skin at certain areas of the body this dimpled, orange peel look. It mainly affects body regions such as the thighs, bottom, tummy and arms. It has been recommended for years that losing weight is one of the best ways to combat cellulite. There is new research that shows that losing weight to get rid of cellulite may actually make it worse.

Doctors and experts have suggested that women have a proper diet as well as drink a lot of water if they are looking at getting rid of their cellulite. Research has now shown that even though weight loss can be very effective at reducing cellulite, it can actually make it worse in other individuals.

A study was conducted on this relation between cellulite and weight loss and the results were published in the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery medical journal. The study looked at 29 different women who participated in specially designed weight loss programs. These programs constituted weight low fat meals, medication, liquid diets and surgery such as gastric banding and bypass.

Over the course of the study 17 of the participants saw a major improvement on the look of cellulite on their body. 9 patients in the study saw their cellulite get worse. The ones who achieved the best improvements were the ones who lowered their percentage of thigh fat and lost weight. These women generally had a bigger body mass index (BMI) and worse cellulite than a typical woman.

The women in the study whose cellulite got worse had a significantly lower BMI, saw no change in their thigh fat percentage and lost smaller amounts of weight.

The researchers also noticed that the elasticity of the skin after weight loss had an important role as the cellulite was worse in women who had looser skin after weight loss. One of the researchers in the study stated that the appearance of cellulite improved in overweight patients who lost weight. However for some, it actually got worse.

From this, the researchers were able to determine that weight loss had an effect on the appearance of cellulite. They stated that more research needed to be done on this particular subject.

3 thoughts on “Losing Weight Can Actually Make Cellulite Worse”

  1. I’m 32 and have cellulite on mu butt and thighs and I’m very upset about it, I’m not a heavy person at all I’m 6’0 and weigh 160 lbs. I have tried exercise and diet and nothing works it drives me crazy. Is it true that cellulite can never go away?

  2. I’m 22 and lost 30 pounds over a year. I thought the slow weight loss would be best and would make it less likely for me to develop cellulite. I have cellulite worse than I have ever had it before after the weight loss. It is very difficult for me to look at myself in the mirror even though I have accomplished a lot.

  3. This is really depressing. I am not overweight at all (5’3″ and 120 lbs). When I was younger, I gained 50 pounds from being on a steroid for a medical condition, but after I lost the weight was when the cellulite came. Is there any hope?

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