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mbt-shoesCellulite sneakers are the new rage for women who fight the eternal battle with the dreaded enemy called cellulite. Cellulite afflicts millions of women across the globe and many people are searching for a cure. Many products exist on the consumer market that aid in the different ways available to combat cellulite. One product that is making waves is the popular anti-cellulite sneaker. This new product claims to allow women to lose pounds, fat and cellulite all from walking.

How does the MBT Shoe Work?

At $150 and upward the anti-cellulite shoe is a product that allows women to lose cellulite as they walk. The anti-cellulite shoe works somewhat like your elliptical machine (if you can envision it). The shoe has a very chunky design and are nowhere near fashion friendly.
The multi-layered soles, in essence, turn a flat surface into an uneven one, giving muscles you don’t normally use a workout and challenging you to walk more upright. You’ll experience a rocking motion when you wear them.

hey position the foot so the heel sits lower than the ball, which helps to correct posture, ease pain and tone the legs. The problem is most of the shoes look absolutely vile – huge clumpy platform heel

The key with them is that they have a curved sole, so it mimmicks walking on a uneven surface, as people are meant to do. Cement sidewalks aren’t a natural surface, if you didn’t know! By mimicking an uneven surface, the shoes make our legs work harder, burning more calories, building more muscle, and decreasing the amounts of adipose tissue in the legs!

run/walk/bike ride

Apparently the sneaks help strengthen and engage muscles that aren’t normally used, improve balance and posture, and reduce varicose veins and spongy fat dimples. Just by trotting about town as usual.

The MBT Shoe Benefits?

The benefits that the anti-cellulite sneaker provides are multifold.  As seen with the design and how the anti-cellulite shoe works, this provides
even cause weight loss, melt fat deposits, boost circulation, reduce varicose veins, enhance breathing, and improve posture, power, speed, coordination, and more
cause less stress on the knees and hips while walking, compared to regular shoes, and increase the activity of different muscles while just standing.
connective tissues in your legs, hips and buttocks.

  • Increased muscle activity
  • Increased circulation
  • Encourages upright posture and relaxed stride
  • Muscular Tension
  • Joint Problems
  • Back Problems
  • Leg & Feet Problems

The MBT Cellulite Sneaker Results?

In fact, there’s little or no published data to back most claims, especially those concerning weight (and cellulite) loss or improved circulation. Rather, the evidence is largely from testimonials.

You may initially feel unstable, even dizzy, increasing the risk of a fall. Because they dramatically alter your balance and gait, you might feel aches and pains in muscles you didn’t know existed until you adjust.
But women said that they lost weight when using the shoes, and that they also diminished cellulite and varicose veins.

The health and wellness center I used to work for sells these shoes like MAD and people absolutely swear by them! They are quite expensive, but they’re supposed to be just fabulous for back issues, posture issues, and YES cellulite! I’m not sure exactl how this works but I have had people in person telling me that they saw a noticeable difference after just a couple of months of wearing the shoes.

Pros & Cons


hey are MBT shoes (also known as Masai Barefoot Technology)

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