What Foods Cause Cellulite?


When it comes to cellulite, people often want to know if certain foods contribute to this skin condition. Even though there are a wide range of factors that come together to cause cellulite, the type of food you eat is part of them. Certain foods do cause cellulite to occur on the skin, but it is the contribution of the food as well as other factors.

Eating a healthy diet as well as proper exercise can help to reduce the look of cellulite on the skin. There are definitely certain foods that should be avoided if you are trying to reduce the look of cellulite on the body. These foods will actually make the look of cellulite worse, so it really is a good idea to avoid them if you can.

The Characteristics of Foods That Cause Cellulite.

Foods that cause cellulite often have similar characteristics. If you are concerned about the types of food that you are ingesting possibly having the ability to cause cellulite, then you should take a look at the characteristics of the food below:

  • Foods that have a high fat content are often a major contributor to the development of cellulite. These foods usually make people put on weight and as a result of this, the look of cellulite on the skin will be more pronounced.
  • High calorie foods are more likely to cause cellulite in people. Generally these extra calories are stored as fat underneath the skin. This contributed to the look and development of cellulite.
  • Foods that dehydrate the system are more likely to cause cellulite. These foods usually cause the cells to take on extra water, which means that they get bigger and swell. As a result of this, they will cause the look of cellulite to be more distinct on the skin.
  • Foods that have high sugar content will cause cells to become damaged and as a result they will not function properly.
  • Foods flush in artificial additives can also contribute to the development of cellulite. These additives often destroy cells and when this occurs they will not work properly
  • Foods that have certain toxins will often cause the development of cellulite. These toxins will often settle in the body, as opposed to being flushed out of the system.

What Foods Should be Avoided When it Comes to Cellulite?

A Bowl of Fried Chicken. A Food That Causes Cellulite
Image Credit: galant w/CC License

If you have cellulite and are concerned with the types of foods that can contribute to the condition, then you should be aware of the different foods that you should avoid if you want to reduce cellulite.


Foods that are high in saturated fats should be avoided if you want to get rid or reduce your cellulite. Unlike vegetablecellulite-foods2 and plant fats which can be broken down by the body, saturated fats from animals cannot. As a result of that, the saturated fats are stored under the skin. Generally white meat contains less of these fats compared to red meat.


Even though it is a not a “food”, alcohol should definitely be avoided if you want to reduce your cellulite. Most alcohol contains excess calories and toxins that are often stored as fat in the places such cellulite usually shows up. Reduction of this drink can cut down on the look of cellulite.

This “food” that cause
cellulite cells to worsen is not technically food but it is still consumed nevertheless and so fits in perfectly. Alcohol contains toxins and excess calories that are almost always stored as fat. As such, it is a major problem for anyone trying to achieve a
cellulite cure.

Junk Food

We all know that junk food is not good for you and it is also major contributor to the development of cellulite on the body. Most junk foods are high calorie, contain toxins, additives and are generally full of saturated fat. These all cause havoc on the body and the more you eat, the worse your cellulite will get. If you want to reduce your cellulite, then junk food should definitely be avoided.

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  1. im 27 years old i drink once every week but only wisky like [buchanas] well its wisky or chivas regal thats all i drink i would like to know if this caus ecellulite i have that problem scince i was 17

  2. I’m not a MD , but they do say that anything causes your body to become dehydrated causes cellulite, and alcohol does…so I would think it should be avoided. I tend to think , that wine, is probably better for you if you feel the need to have a drink. Also , as I have recently learned, drinking plenty of water, taking omega 3. 6 and 9 fatty acids, and excersize, tend to reduce cellulite. I have also been told drinking lemon water, is also beneficial. Ultimately, I guess its just a matter of eating healthy, sticking to foods that are low in fat, and that have not been processed, and or fried. Good Luck and feel free to share any tips you have..

  3. I saw your comments and question myself- does spicy food can boost cellulite increase or damage cells that connected with fat burning process?

  4. ive had cellulite since i was 12 and im 21 i wanna no if spicey foods and dairy products can cause cellulite cause im sick of it

  5. I am 27 and I have a little cellulite on my butt and on the back of my upper thigh. What do I do to get rid of it?

  6. Spicy foods can not cause cellulite. Fried foods can, dairy can, processed foods can, sometimes cellulite is just genetic but if you exercise regularly and have a diet high in fruits and vegetables you will look leaner and should feel better.

  7. Well i’m 14 years old and i have cellulite on my but and im only 124 pounds and i have it on the sides of my but and right beneath my but. I run every morning and work out all the time I have a big but though and tiny legs how do I get rid of my big butt?

  8. I’ve Struggled with cellulite but I’ve finally eliminated all of it by drinking a lot of water and doing brazil butt lift, also I’ve heard that dairy products do cause cellulite.

  9. Hi I’m 16 and have recently began to Have cellulite on my bum and right underneathy bum on my thighs I go I gym 4-5 times a week and do a cardio toning step class twice a week I have been doing this for abit less than half a year now and it has still not gone away what do I do ??

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